WDYWT: Relaxed Workwear

2DOPEPOSTS: WDYWT: Relaxed Workwear @dimepieceLA @MostOfficialMob @Krocaine @JimmyChooLtd @ray_ban

2014-04-11 22.13.58

Oh Miami, people complain about your bipolar weather but its just fine with me. Today’s warm and cloudy forecast is the perfect setting for my casual tank and skirt meets-of-the-moment mules. Oh you didn’t know? Mules are having a fashion moment right now. It’s so funny, before I spotted this pair a few years ago, I was really anti-mules. Even now, I have to force myself to wear them. It’s…

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#ChinoTakesTheWorstPictures (at Grand Central)

prayed for 40z last night with @prayingforbooty. #jailposes

one project down, millions more to go! do it! Always down to support talented individuals and my friends rule. Proud of ya! ❤🙏🍑 (at Hialeah, Florida)

me and chino said a prayer at Peachfuzz for all the scrubs and playa haters, the bugga boos and the bums. Oh and it was his birthday ❤✨👲💫🎂 (at Peachfuzz)

Fridays = Peachfuzz 🍑
I’m hosting and stuff plus @djaffect is spinning all night dropping bombs! 💣🎶

PLUS I’m looking for our PEACHFUZZ HONEY of the week! So girls come correct & if your fly ill get you drunk and you’ll be shown off to the world on our @PeachfuzzParty page, DUH! (at Peachfuzz)

Artsy Fartsy Stuff.
💥💨 (at Pérez Art Museum Miami)

the queen with the rhythm
@venusxgg ❤🙌👭🎵

dont tell me this isn’t an epic photo. (at Pérez Art Museum Miami)

Never posted my own photos of #TrapParadise.

@unkleluc killed these visuals. 🔮Juvie ripped it. Mannie slaughtered it. All my other DJs murdered it. There was a massacre. The place was packed. Dreams came true. Thanks to you. 🙏❤

I call this one - the booty girl. ❤🎂

At Home With A-Trak

2DOPEPOSTS: At Home With A-Trak @atrak @sonos

Homes are an intimate space. Somewhere away from the World where you can let your hair down and detox from the busy routine of  the daily hustle. So when Sonos and The Fader released “At Home With: A-Trak” I was curious to see what the turntabist World champion had in his living room. A surprisingly minimal space overlooking Manhattan from Brooklyn, his home is a musicians escape complete with…

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2/2 Skndrls lookbook on Skndrls.com

Featuring: IG:@janaeroubleau
Shot by: IG:@Smxlls118

my fav shot from the Skndrls lookbook.